Dog spelled backward is GOD!

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bichon puppy bichon puppy
Cynthia Sacchetti
This is one of our pass  Bichon puppies. You can find her on the What Puppies Teach Us 2012 Wall Calendar
Bichon Puppy from Wall Calendar 2012
Marilyn Baby Girl Abby!
We bought her a heated therapeutic bed and she loves it, however she sleeps with me every night, and has been sleeping through the night for the last 3 weeks, only had to get up during the night the first week we had her, YAY!!!! CanNOT wait to get her a sister!!!!

Miss Abby graduated from puppy classes, and begins intermediate classes on Feb 21st!! She is doing so good with her obedience classes, she is so smart:-)

Max and Marlee